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In her multi-disciplinary installation [Placeholder], Katy Hundertmark employs both photography and the experience of its aftermath. The apparatus has turned into a device for both the departure from the photograph and arrival to the photographic space, which she deconstructs, stretches, twists and spreads across the gallery. Katy Hundertmark produces new imagined spaces by inserting frames and edges inside of the image, by obscuring and abstracting the scene reflected in the lens. While photography holds the notion of illusion and deception at its core, here this quality is multiplied – as only from a specific point, we encounter an alignment that brings together those dispersed elements. Throughout this body of work, the artist negotiates strategies of inhabiting and filling in the photographic, alongside ways of pushing and enlarging the boundaries of images. Hundertmark constructs photographic landscapes and locations, while also fabricating inanimate enactments in and outside of the frame. The static, still and flat black and white plane of the photograph manifests as a stage, while the viewers turn out to be the sole performers of the act. The work transports us to imaginary locations where we grasp upon surfaces, creases and grain, where we are invited to enter the photograph, move from side to side or slide across and embrace the unfamiliar in-between.

- Text by Krasimira Butseva

[Placeholder] is on view at ZweiZweiZwei until 25.06.2021

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